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Getting started with BOFA Consortium Mock Tests

Log into the child account to access the tests. We recommend you go through the demo with your child so you are both familiar with how our Consortium Mock Tests work. The full demo takes between 15 and 25 minutes and takes you through the initial test, practice stage, retest and report. We encourage you to answer some questions incorrectly in order to go through the full process and get the full benefit from the demo.

You are now ready to start your first Consortium Mock Test. Remember the Mock Tests are designed to be taken as a mock exam and therefore unlike our 11+ tests cannot be paused or retaken. Please ensure you allow enough time to complete a test in one sitting and that your device is fully charged with a stable internet connection. You do not need to complete each Consortium Mock Test in one sitting, but each subject test must be completed in one sitting.

If your child is allowed extra time in the exam you can set the same allowance in BOFA by logging into the parent account, going to the ‘Manage children’ page, and amending the Test Options in the edit child page. Help on this can be found here.