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Updated London 11+ Consortium announcement regarding 2022 entry


(Updated 24th June 2021)

A new statement posted on the Consortium website said:

"The London 11+ Consortium schools have carefully reviewed last year’s application process which necessitated different approaches according to local situations. The coronavirus pandemic continues to impress uncertainty upon our country, and we have therefore decided to take a cautious and ‘stop-gap’ approach to the forthcoming cycle for 11+ entry to our schools in 2022. We will therefore use the ISEB Common Pre-Test as our preliminary assessment tool. The experience of online learning (and testing) has given rise to new possibilities, and enables a radical consideration of how selection for senior school might best be supported.

"We continue to believe that creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving are essential skills for young people to develop, and we seek to identify this learning potential in the application process. Hitherto this has been best assessed during the interview stage. We are dealing with significant numbers of applicants, however, and some of our schools receive close to a thousand candidates. Providing a meaningful interview for this number has become impossible for one or two of the Consortium schools who thus have to screen for interview, and we therefore wish to ensure that our written or online assessment includes elements which give insight into these aptitudes. To this end, we are engaging with a number of providers to consider a future test which would give us the best profile of a child’s potential in all areas of cognition. This process will be undertaken over the coming months and we hope that in due course we will be able to introduce a bespoke Consortium assessment process which will be innovative, equitable, and inspiring.

"We continue to be concerned by the pressure and anxiety which is generated by the industry around tutoring for entrance examinations, and we seek to minimise both the scope for such commercial exploitation as well as the dull ‘teaching to the test’ which reduces the creativity and enjoyment in learning for pupils in Years 5 and 6. Although such an aim will never be entirely successful, we wish to send the message that we value potential and difference."

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